Members of the media are welcome to contact me: in the first instance use email and tell something about yourself, such as which media you represent.

Hadrian as Pontif
I know something about this, as I once worked in a newsroom, was a member of the NUJ in New Zealand, rated as a senior journalist. As well as reporting every day, I also made documentaries. Since then, I have been a background source to numerous news media on matters concerning exploitation of our maritime heritage and I have also worked as a background source on documentaries on various subjects.

I am available to chat online (Skype and Google Hangout), by 'phone, or to discuss matters by email. Contact details available on request, once I know who you are.

Oh yes, I am looking for both a decent publisher and literary agent. If that's you, contact me and make my year.

So contact me for anything, by any medium, to explain the evidence-based history here, to comment on the histories produced by others, to discuss the relationship between history and present-day society, whatever.

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