Chrestianity in France

Since my discovery of the cult calling itself Chrestian, I have been intrigued by the traditional French use of the eta, instead of the iota:
General map of the very high, very powerful and very chrestien kingdom of France and all the neighboring countries. Presented to His Majes [s] Tres Chrestien ne Louis XIIII / By his very humble, very obedient and very faithful servant and suject N. Sanson d'Abbeville ordinary geographer of his Majesty:
La théologie naturelle. Tome quatriesme. De la religion. Que la religion chrestienne est la vraye. Des mystères de la religion chrestienne. Par le P. Ives de Paris,... 3e édition
Natural theology. Volume four. Of religion. That the Chrestian religion is the true one. Mysteries of the Chrestian religion. By Father Ives of Paris, ... 3rd edition
Title: The triumph of the Chrestian religion, or The death of Maxence, tragedy represented on the theater of the college of Harcourt, August 26 ...
Publisher: [Sn]
Publication date: 1647
ChrestienChrestien m (plural Chrestiensfeminine singular Chrestiennefeminine plural Chrestiennes)
  1. Christian
And our last example:
Title : Dissertatio philologica de Graecorum et Hebraeorum @ , quam... praeside... Dn. Johanne Henrico Lederlino... submittit Samuel Nagel,... ad d. 6. Martii... 1709
Author : Nagel, Samuel
Those are just a few examples of the many scholarly tomes produced in France, mentioning or about Chrestianity.
We learn from this that Chrestien gave way to Chretien and this became Christian.
But why in France? This should be because France is the home of the Franks, of whom Charlemagne founded the Holy Roman Empire with the support of the Church of Rome. That is, I see this as supporting my suggestion that they founded Christianity.

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