Fornication of The Virgin Mary

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Coronation of the "Charlemagne's Escrain"
Intact Julie
Above: Aquamarine engraved and gold-rimmed, sapphires and pearls
Rome, 1st century CE, and for the mount, School of the Palace of Charles the Bald (?), 3 th quarter of the IXth century
In the center of the jewel, the portrait of Julie, daughter of Emperor Titus (79-81), is engraved intaglio in a great aquamarine of very pure water. This work, admired as one of the most beautiful antique gems, is signed by the Greek engraver Evodos. The portrait is placed in the center of a Carolingian mount composed of a crown of nine sapphires, surmounted by six pearls. Only the sapphire of the top is engraved, on one side of a dolphin, on the other of the monogram of the Virgin. All the gemstones are set in gold mounts; each sapphire is attached to the central piece by two granulations, while the pearls are held by a gold nail and a collar of small openwork leaves. "Escrain of Charlemagne" which she remains the only vestige.
This post is simply to note the character of the Frankish Charles I who, as the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Charlemagne, Charles the Great.
We do this by considering the biography of the historial Julie, chosen to represent The Virgin Mary.
Julia Flavia (8 September 64 – 91) was the daughter and only child to Roman Emperor Titus from his second marriage to the well-connected Marcia Furnilla.
Julia was born in Rome. Her parents divorced when Julia was an infant, due to her mother's family's connections to the opponents of Emperor Nero. In 65, after the failure of the Pisonian conspiracy, the family of Marcia Furnilla was disfavored by Nero. Julia's father, Titus concluded that he did not want to be connected with any potential plotters and ended his marriage to Marcia Furnilla. Julia was raised by her father. Titus conquered Jerusalem on Julia's sixth birthday.
When growing up, Titus offered her in marriage to his brother Domitian, but he refused because of his infatuation with Domitia Longina. Later she married her second paternal cousin Titus Flavius Sabinus, brother to consul Titus Flavius Clemens, who married her first cousin Flavia Domitilla. By then Domitian had seduced her.
When her father and husband died, in the words of Dio, Domitian:
"lived with [her] as husband with wife, making little effort at concealment. Then upon the demands of the people he became reconciled with Domitia, but continued his relations with Julia nonetheless."[1]
Juvenal condemns this liaison as follows:
"Such a man was that adulterer [i.e. Domitian] who, after lately defiling himself by a union of the tragic style, revived the stern laws that were to be a terror to all men – ay, even to Mars and Venus – just as Julia was relieving her fertile womb and giving birth to abortions that displayed the likeness of her uncle."[2]
Becoming pregnant, Julia died of what was rumored (though unlikely) to be a forced abortion. Julia was deified and her ashes were later mixed and smoked with Domitian's by an old nurse secretly in the Temple of the Flavians.[3]
She, as with her father, Titus and his father, Vespasian, was a Chrestian. To put this in context:
One point of conflict between observant Jews and Chrestians was ‘fornication’, especially incest and in this, Julie is an example. The choice of Julie as The Virgin Mary is aptly descriptive for the new Holy Roman Empire, continuing the Chrestian parodies of the New Testament.

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