Our evidence-based history: progress report

Chrest as a sheep, symbol of Orpheus, with wand to perform magic on ‘seven’ loaves. 4th century Catacombs of Commodilla
Now this occasional blog is enjoying over 2,000 readers per month, with over 12,000 so far, and both the blog and main site have received many hundreds of Google pluses (for which I offer thanks), let's see what impact is made.

The main theme is how "Jesus" and other divine men were conjured in being, using Greek Magic (Pythagorean to Neoplatonic, including Ptolemaic syncretisms with pharaonic Egypt and Gnosticism). A Skype pal in Arizona tells me there's a slew of books appearing on the same theme, in particular, for a magical Jesus.

I try to always keep a watch on Wikipedia, especially in subjects treated by me, and over the years, despite the Christian editorial mafia there, these topics are rewritten frequently. They appear to me to be an attempt to counter my arguments.

Theologians don't reply to my posts directly, but some do so indirectly. One issue which seems to have stung is their failure to treat textual artefacts as artefacts (i.e. archaeologically). Since then, there have been minor attempts to do so, but which fail to properly address issues such as provenance, reliable dating and correct transliterations. In sum, they make no attempt to describe Chrestianity and they continue to describe Christianity in centuries where there is no archaeological support.

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25 Aug 2015



My whole 'footprint' measures well over a million.

Though my style is one of insurgency, against the 'glittering web' of false assumptions and the institutions which promote this, I think this campaign is winning. The pillars of the Church still stand, though on sinking foundations, shivering in anticipation.

The contents of my book are now sitting in a folder as illustrated text and I am both ordering and editing them. Though I have a (substantial, real-world) publisher, total lack of editorial support and an expectation that I will have to pay them at some point means that I may have to self-publish, which I detest. I'm therefore looking for a better way ahead and if you can recommend an approach, I'd be glad to know of it.

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