Enjoying summer

Uskmouth Footprints: This trail of human footprints is one of three found at Uskmouth that head out towards the sea. Scientific study has revealed that the man who left these prints had a shoe size equivalent to modern UK size 8 (European 42, USA 8.5). He stood about 1.70m tall (5.5 feet), and the way his big toe splays outwards indicates that he was accustomed to walking without shoes.

The footprints have been preserved because very soon after he took his walk a period of hot dry weather baked the mud on which he trod. This mud was then gradually covered over by a layer of peat. Recent erosion in the Severn Estuary has resulted in the exposure of these footprints again, some 6,250 years after this Mesolithic man walked towards the sea.

Background Reading: Late Stone Age hunters of the British Isles by Christopher Smith. Published by Routledge (1992)

What I'm doing at the moment:
  • Surveying the intertidal archaeology along my local coast as part of a national project.
  • Writing my book (and looking for an agent to help negotiate with the publisher).
  • Making some small vids on local sites, which I'm calling Under Our Feet.
And just enjoying summer. Hope you do, too.

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