The Chrestian 'Gospel of the Lots of Mary'

Opening of the Gospel of the Lots of Mary.
For the name  and title of its divine man, look to the 6th line.

Described by scholars and news media alike as Christian of the 5-6th centuries, it is claimed to start thus:
The Gospel of the lots of Mary, the mother of the Lord Jesus Christ, she to whom Gabriel the archangel brought the good news.
He who will go forward (or: will seek) with his whole heart will obtain what he seeks.
Only do not be of two minds.
If you look down to the sixth line, you will see where the name of the divine man appears: it is two sets of two letters, their divinity indicated by the two over-scores.

So what is the name and title? IC XC 
These abbreviations tell us that this little gospel is, in fact, Chrestian (for the same abbreviations appear in other early, sacred texts with 'Chrest').

Adding the scholarly opinions to our own, evidence-based history, we may say how:
  • The gospel belonged probably to a woman.
  • The term 'gospel' is wider than previously thought.
  • The book was used for fortune-telling.

I would surmise from this that 'Jesus Christ' and Christianity had not yet appeared and that this supports my view of how Chrestianity is based on the magic of pharaonic Egypt syncretised with that of the Greeks.

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