What *really* happened in the 1st century

Stones from the Western Wall of the Temple Mount (Jerusalem) thrown onto the street by Roman soldiers in 70 CE.

For the reader seeking proof of miracles, prophecies, omens and the magic of divine men, this is not for you, for reason and science strangely pass you by. However, if you are one of the few - the very, very few - who would appreciate something better than the mishmash of fantastical concoctions peddled to school children and the chronically-credulous as the history of Judea and Rome in the first century of the modern era, then you may delight yourself with this:

Here is a detailed, referenced history using the archaeological evidences - and I hope you enjoy it.

Actually, I began compiling and then writing it not so much for you, but to rebut a much greater mind than mine and a much better archaeologist than me - Dr. Robert Eisenman, Professor of Middle East Religions, Archaeology, and Islamic Law and director of the Institute for the Study of Judaeo-Christian Origins at California State University Long Beach.

What could drive me to do such a thing? There were a number of prompts.
  • I've followed Eisenman from the start of his published career and came to regard his mind and understanding of both the Dead Sea Scrolls and the textual tradition ascribed to early Christianity, as unparalleled.
  • More's the pity that the closer he came to unravelling the Gordian Knot, so he became increasingly reluctant to reveal what he found. He lost his nerve.
  • Although he takes pride in his hard-earned reputation in archaeology, he abandons the principles of this field in order to accept textual artefacts out of chronological order. Though this practise is common with historians (who have tall tales with which to impress us), it is a complete no-no in archaeology.
In short, his version of events includes Christians (and perforce Christianity) centuries before they appear in the historical and archaeological record. In doing so, he ignores much of what there actually exists.

How may we know this? Here is one of his more recent articles (he is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post): Paul's 'Comrade-in-Arms' Epaphroditus and the First Gospels

If you read his, then mine, you should get a better idea of my criticism.

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